When building a new home, having a quality structure that you can be proud of and feel confident in is your number one goal. At DENEK CONTRACTING, it is the primary objective too. When you look to DENEK CONTRACTING, you can count on concrete craftsmanship that outperforms your expectations, custom poured to your demanding specifications.

DENEK CONTRACTING was established in 1996 by Thomas E. Denek. Dedication, ambition, safety and years of hands-on experience in poured concrete foundations have all played a part in helping the company establish a reputation of excellence and dependability in the Metro Detroit area.

TEAM DENEK is strong -- just like its walls. As a whole, the staff embraces a relationship of camaraderie, integrity and trust-components fundamental to the spirit of team work. This solidarity is utilized to man projects effectively and to meet budgets and deadlines as required.